“this music is breathtaking." fROOTS

” Extremely powerful ” Living Tradition

“worth buying for its stunning opening track alone” ***** The Scotsman

"a gobsmakingly wonderful duo.” TAPLAS

reviews for white nights -

"...something special, something out of the ordinary... The range of this album, with its influences ancient and modern, is highly impressive and the playing breathtaking."†The Shetland Times

"...White Nights build on what is already a ground-breaking body of recordings and is as gloriously unclassifiable and genre-defying as we've come to hope and expect. This instrumental collection is a show-case in technical mastery of fiddle and harp, and a tour-de-force of compositional flair that draws on classical, jazz and traditional Scottish / Scandinavian influences....Like the landscape that inspires it, this music is breathtaking."†fROOTS

"...a gobsmakingly wonderful duo. Their music is dynamic and innovative, while still cherishing the Scottish and Shetland tradition...with White Nights they reach new heights....The whole album explores emotions that are way beyond the realm of words."†TAPLAS

"Extremely powerful...White Nights is refreshing, uplifting, inspiring and thoroughly captivating."†Living Tradition

"The mesmeric opening lament sets a formidable standard - Chris Stout's drone, slides and harmonics and Catriona McKay's improvisatory ruminations imprint an Eastern exoticism on to a Nordic sounding soundscape of ringing open strings and long keening phrases...glittering harp work...exceptional bow control...The tree-tune Isflak comes tantalizingly close to the way the two spark off each other on stage...a recorded sound that gives warmth and space..."†The STRAD

"You'd expect something special from a new CD released by Catriona McKay and Chris Stout and this album is certain to live up to the highest expectations...it's the players' superb multi-faceted techniques and mutual understanding which makes the recording so special...This really is a stunning album - moving, spiky, joyous, quietly beautiful and truly inspired."†FIDDLE ON

"The opening notes of Stout’s echoing and melancholy fiddle are a lament, but are played with the hand of a classical master...McKay’s playing is a revelation...you’ll hear a bit of everything: experimental soundscaping, free-form jazz, breathtaking harp runs, bounced bow passages that melt into soaring fiddle swoops...This nine-track marvel ends with the fragile “Michaelswood” in which fiddle and harp encounter each other with the delicacy of crystal goblets being wrapped for side-by-side storage. Here’s the only label you need: a stunning collaboration of brainy and beautiful music."†*****†off-centerviews.blogspot.com

"...one unifying soundscape...The one fact that seems to momentarily escape you throughout this musical journey, is†that you are listening to†just the two instruments.†The harp and fiddle have so much to offer in terms of depth and range, that anything else would be an intrusion apart from the silence between the tracks. Breathtakingly beautiful stuff."†NORTHERN SKY

"Two highly respected artists playing two instruments - Catriona, the Scottish Harp and Chris, the fiddle. The way they create such tension and mystery by themselves is phenomenal."†*****†spiralearth.co.uk

“...their collaborative best so far. It's worth buying for its stunning opening track alone...”†*****†The Scotsman

“Scottish harp and Shetland fiddle are a marriage made in heaven...wonderful music played by musicians who are at the top of their game.”†The Glasgow Herald

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