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Catriona McKay & Chris Stout

This music is breathtaking.’ (fROOTS)

‘Clear and strong…always a startling freshness and spontaneity at work…virtuosic and physically engaging.

***** The Glasgow Herald

These are just some of the things that have been said about the dynamic duo sound sensation.

Having gigged, explored and sculpted their musical identities together Catriona McKay, Scottish harp and Chris Stout, Shetland fiddle continue to evolve and create a sound and style “operating at a rarefied level of expertise” (The Glasgow Herald).

They recorded their first duo cd “Laebrack” in 2005 and have been part of many other projects together over the years as trustworthy collaborators. Their 2010 album ‘White Nights’ was released to critical acclaim and brought new fans to their music from all over the world.

The crafting of their voice as a duo, which blends elemental intensity with graceful eloquence has drawn them to explore new music and new ideas for this partnership of traditional instruments.

"a divine concoction of tradition and bold imagination…Unimpeachable". (The Irish Times)

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